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Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP is the managing partner of Team Guardian, LLC a private investigation and security firm based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Team Guardian provides various investigative services, but specializes in physical and technical surveillance solutions.  Team Guardian, LLC also provides various training programs including surveillance training for government and civilian investigators.

Darin Fredrickson retired from the Phoenix Police Department, Arizona in 2012 after 20 years of service.  He served with the department's Major Offender Bureau, assigned to the Repeat Offender Program's (ROP) Surveillance Team.  He also served as a provisional Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Clandestine Drug Laboratory task force member for over seven years.  Previously he served on the Homicide/Drug Task Force, and as a Detective assigned to the Phoenix Police Department's Drug Enforcement Bureau.  He is an accomplished surveillant professional with nearly two decades of experience in thousands of physical and electronic surveillance operations involving private, corporate, and criminal cases including homicide, drug and human trafficking, organized retail crime (ORC), burglary, robbery, auto theft, and fraud.

Darin is a certified instructor with the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training (AZPOST) Board in Homeland Security, Street Drugs, Cultural Awareness, and Crime Scene Photography.  He developed and presented hundreds of seminars to private sector and community groups on law enforcement issues as well as provided in-service training for law enforcement agencies, and Arizona Superior Court personnel.  Darin Fredrickson developed the Master Surveillant Training program, which provides surveillance skills to law enforcement and corporate investigators through three- to five-day courses.  He is also an adjunct instructor for the Maricopa County Community College District providing instruction in Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and Search and Seizure courses.  He is a member of ASIS International, and has been a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) since 2010.

In 2009, the Arizona Retailers Association (ARA) awarded Darin Fredrickson the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for his dedication towards combating organized retail crime (ORC).  Darin Fredrickson has worked extensively with retailers in the Southwestern United States to successfully investigate, arrest, and prosecute repeat offenders involved in retail theft.  On June 17, 2009, Darin Fredrickson testified to the Arizona Senate Public Safety Committee on Arizona Senate Bill 1059, which went into law and made it a class 4 felony to steal retail merchandise with the intent to resell or trade it for value.  Darin is a board member of the Arizona Organized Retail Crime Association (AZORCA), which is comprised of law enforcement, retail investigators, and prosecutorial officials involved in sharing information and combating ORC activity within the state of Arizona.

Darin holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, a Master of Education degree in Training and Development Leadership from North Central University, Arizona and a Baccalaureate Degree in Liberal Arts from Ottawa University, Kansas.  Darin Fredrickson coauthored the following books Applied Police and Fire Photography (1997), Terrorist Attacks (2001), Racial Profiling (2002), Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance (2002), Street Drug Investigations (2004), and Fundamentals of Civil and Private Investigations (2014).  He has also written several criminal justice articles for various publications.  His books are available from Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd., in Springfield, Illinois.

Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP

Managing partner of Team Guardian, LLC

Private investigation In Phoenix