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Doctor Decon's Pulling the Plug on Drugs School Program

  • For over a decade, this dynamic, upbeat, and visual school program has taken students on a reality-based journey through the darkness of the drug world.  The program educates students on trending drugs and exposes the lies of the drug culture and the consequences of getting snared in it's powerful web.  The program leaves students with the understanding that drug use is NOT an activity that should be taken lightly.  It also provides students strategies to resist trying drugs and instead telling their friends "NO" in a non-threatening manner.  This program is appropriate for middle and high school students.

Say Know to Drugs™ Education Series

Drugs in the Workplace

Goals of our training

  • Make you aware of the latest trends in drug manufacturing, distribution and use
  • Acquaint you with the various types of drug paraphernalia and street drugs
  • Enable you to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol and illicit drug use
  • Make you aware of how drugs negatively affect employees and the workplace
  • Provide tips on reducing your establishment’s vulnerability to drug crimes

Workplace Programs

  • Drugs & the Workplace
    • Drug Laws
    • Supervisors’ role in drug intervention
    • Latest trends in drug distribution and use
    • How drugs affect the workplace
  • Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
    • Marijuana
    • Methamphetamine
    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Club Drugs
  • Reasonable Suspicion
    • Reasonable Suspicion – Defined
    • Facts that constitute Reasonable Suspicion
    • How to determine Reasonable Suspicion
    • How to document Reasonable Suspicion
  • Train-the-Trainer for Drugs & the Workplace
    • Drugs & the Workplace, Drugs & Drug
      Paraphernalia, Reasonable Suspicion
    • This will enable you to:
      • Present an introductory course to new and
        existing employees
      • Present refresher courses
      • Utilize Say Know to Drugs™ Program Resources